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0 Dos adolescentes rusas borrachas decapitan a un mendigo y juegan al fútbol con su cabeza

A pair of Moscow teenagers were detained by police this week for allegedlydecapitating a homeless man with a saw and ax, reports say.
Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda reported Monday that the two teens had been intoxicated when they attacked the homeless man. One of the teens allegedly cut the man's head off, then scalping it and kicking it around like a soccer ball with his companion.
The newspaper writes that the teenagers kicked the head until it landed in a trash can. They reportedly left it there and returned home to sleep. RIA Novosti reports the head was "taken away by a garbage truck in the morning."
In a statement on its website this week, Moscow's Investigative Committee confirmed that a man's decapitated body had been found Monday, adding that law enforcement officials had arrested the two suspects after following a trail of blood that led from the crime scene to the teens' apartment, where a saw, an ax and bloodied clothing were discovered.
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